Non-Profit status

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We advise you on questions of tax relief, which can be claimed by all corporate bodies whose activities are aimed at selflessly promoting the general public in the material, spiritual or moral spheres and which fulfil the special requirements of the tax code.

A GmbH (limited liability company), UG (limited liability company), legally capable and non-legally capable associations and foundations as well as cooperatives - even a public limited company (corporations), can therefore also be non-profit-making and receive the desired tax concession. In contrast, partnerships cannot generally be recognised as non-profit. In all cases, the promotion of a purpose within the meaning of §§ 51 ff. of the Tax Code is necessary.


We advise you comprehensively on all questions of tax relief, also in relation to domestic and foreign corporations. This also includes the anchoring of the realisation of charitable, benevolent and ecclesiastical purposes in the articles of association, but also all other questions in the implementation of idealistic purposes of your corporation.

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