Law Firm


The law firm FZF Rechtsanwälte was founded in Frankfurt/Germany over 20 years ago.

Since 2020, the law firm operates as a Partnership mbB.

The founding partners of the PartmbB are Martin Franke, Andreas Hantschel, Gunther Kurzius and Sabine Mandalka.

Life is always a holistic affair. In the same way, consultation must also include all aspects of life. Therefore, we are convinced that legal advice should also never focus on a topic that is detached from the bigger picture. Our goal is to engage in a conversation with you - beyond your legal concerns. We want to understand you, your organisation and your vision so we can help you to fulfil your mission.

Since its foundation until today, FZF Rechtsanwälte stands for legal advice on the basis of a Christian understanding of values and principles. "Spiritual and competent" is our guiding principle. This is how we work and live.

The Team

Martin Franke Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt

Martin Franke
Gunther Kurzius Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt

Gunther Kurzius
Andreas Hantschel Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt

Andreas Hantschel
Sabine Mandalka Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt

Sabine Mandalka
Sarah Motzkus Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt

Sarah McDougall