Asylum procedures of Christian converts

Asylverfahren christlicher Konvertiten Rechtsanwalt Frankfurt
People have to flee their home countries because they are persecuted there - for various reasons, on is their religion.

Attorney Andreas Hantschel specialises in representing people who have converted to the Christian faith and their requests for protection from the German authorities.

Attorney Hantschel is active throughout Germany. He represents applicants at all field offices of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) as well as all German administrative courts.


A special focus of the work is to make these people, who often come from a completely different cultural background and different thought patterns, able to speak. They have to be able to make their genuine and sincere faith in Jesus Christ credible to a secular constitutional state and Western-style case workers and judges. The (free) churches play a major role in the proceedings.

The counselling therefore always takes place in the context of the church, i.e. how they can accompany and support their protégé in the proceedings.

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